THE FIve strides forward

The Five Strides Forward are the key principles of my campaign and the pillars of how I will lead District 18 towards positive change. I also believe that as an elected official, you deserve to know where I stand on major issues that we all face, and that is what I did. I invite you to read The Five Strides Forward, as well as how I stand on major issues.

More Active leadership

The Leadership that we currently have representing District 18 does not embody active leadership. We do not see our elected leader, and our elected leader does not reach out to his constituents. Which is us, the people of District 18. I have demonstrated through my time as a leader, that I embody this active leadership that we so desperately need. With your vote, that leadership is on the way. The people of District 18 will always be able to count on me for that type of leadership. I won't disappear, because the people of District 18 deserve nothing less than that.

full transparency

The people of District 18 deserve to have a County Supervisor who embodies transparency in their leadership. This transparency that we deserve is absent in many cases. Whether it is on the national level, or right here at home in Eau Claire County. As I have time and time again demonstrated through my record, I will always level with you, I will always be straight with you, and you will never be in the dark about who I am as a public servant. I'll publish all my correspondence, donations I make to other candidates, and many other things that you deserve to know.

robust communication and outreach

Communication and outreach is absent from our current District 18 representative. He doesn't show up to check in us, and doesn't communicate with us, about what he does, who he is, or how he is working for our best interests. Like you, I find this unacceptable, and when I am sworn in as the next District 18 County Supervisor, that will change. Through an email list, position specific social media accounts, and monthly town halls and listening sessions, I will always communicate with you about how I am delivering results for you and will always be accessible to your concerns and needs. It should not be our job to ask our elected leaders to listen to us and our concerns, It should be our elected leaders. and just as I have proven through my record as a leader, I will do the same for District 18.

unapologetic and unafraid advocacy

Our elected leaders should not be afraid to fight for the vulnerable, speak for the voiceless, and champion the good fight each and every day they wake up in the morning. This is lacking in our current representation, and I won't stand for it. As I've done throughout these past few years, I'll be that advocate for all of us. I'll march with you in your fight for fairer wages, fight like hell for racial justice and stand up to the powerful people who only want to benefit themselves and their interests.

radical acceptance and inclusivity

We all deserve a seat at the table. Whether you are black or white, gay or straight, you deserve to be included, accepted, welcomed, and appreciated. Whether we have lived in this county for months or years, we deserve a county government that works in the best interests of all people, and one that looks like us. A county government that lives in our buildings, drinks our water, and breathes our air. Every day I wake up as your County Supervisor, I will deliver that kind of representation, and I will fight to make sure we all have a voice, and a seat at the table. Because after all, that's what Democracy is about.



Healthcare should be a human right. Not a privilege. As a country, we must make it a national priority to move towards universal coverage for all citizens.

Climate Change

I believe that Climate Change is the greatest and most existential threat to our country, our planet, and our human species. Eau Claire County must continue to do everything possible to cut emissions and achieve net zero by 2045 before it is too late. Click on button below to read more

Racial Justice

Black Lives Matter. Period. Unequivocally. We deserve a county supervisor who will fight for equality, and someone who will lift up voices of color in their leadership, and that is what I will do.


Our future lies within young people. District 18 is primarily made up of students. As a student, I will fight for the priorities that ensure our success. Because when we do that, our future is bright.

LGBTQIA+ Equality

I support LGBTQIA+ Equality fully, unequivocally, and unapologetically. Gay rights are human rights, and our county government must do more to protect those who are LGBTQIA+. As your supervisor, I'll fight for that every single day.

Gun Safety

Our country has a gun problem. Although I support the second amendment as a hunter and sportsman, I firmly believe that more must be done to remedy our gun problem. As a county Supervisor, I'll push the State to do more on Guns, and will fervently oppose any efforts to make Eau Claire County a "Second Amendment Sanctuary".

Living Wages

I applaud Eau Claire County for setting a living wage ordinance, and we are on the right track in many respects when it comes to paying workers fairly. But more must be done. As your County Supervisor, I'll push the state and national governments to raise the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour, that is adjusted based on inflation.

Fair Taxes

It's simple, I don't think that those at the top should be paying more in taxes than those on the bottom. I'll resist any efforts by the county board to tax unfairly.


I support the full legalization of Marijuana in the State of Wisconsin, as well as decriminalization. The benefits this would have to our county would be tremendous, and as your Supervisor, I'll fight to ensure it becomes a reality.

Criminal Justice

Our Criminal Justice system is broken in this country. Although Eau Claire County is making good strides in the right direction, we cannot afford to stray of course. As County Supervisor, I'll ensure that everyone who works their way through the county is treated fairly, and justly.

Term Limits

I support term limits. I believe that by not having term limits, it is further hindering us from making progress, or delivering results. As County Supervisor, I'll push for the state to allow counties to adopt term limit resolutions, and advocate for term limits on the state and national levels.


We've got, to fix, the damn roads. Its unacceptable. As County Supervisor, I'll ensure that state funding is applied properly to our county roads and bridges. Whether you live in a rural area, or an urban one, you deserve good transportation and infrastructure.


It's unacceptable that in the 21st century, there are still communities that don't have good internet access. As County Supervisor, I'll ensure that Eau Claire County through and through has good access to the internet. And will fight like hell for those who don't.

Rural Prosperity

Although District 18 is not a rural district, the success of rural areas leads to the success for all of us, including District 18. As County Supervisor, I will ensure that rural areas are lifted up and supported, because their success, means our success.