I was born in the July of 2003 in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Like so many of you who call District 18 your home, I was born to a working-class family. My father worked and still works 12-hour days as a salesman for Pepsi, and my mother stayed at home to raise my sister and myself. Even though we were far from wealthy, I still grew up very blessed and privileged, and was able to have amazing and incredible opportunities to learn and expand my horizons beyond my hometown of Sussex Wisconsin.

At the beginning of 5th grade, I was bullied every day on the bus ride home. Even though this experience is years behind me looking back now, I still remember how traumatic it was. However, I was determined to turn the pain of this experience into something good, and something that could positively impact the lives of others. So, despite my young age, with help from my school's guidance counselor, I founded Upstanders United, an anti-bullying club at my elementary school. This was the moment in my life where I realized that my calling was to serve, and positively impact the lives of others using my talents of leadership and public speaking.

Throughout my life, I always had an interest in our government and politics. My mother always had the news on when we were at home, and I remember at a very young age being exposed to current events going on in our country and the world. My mom also taught both my sister and I the importance of these events, as well as how important it was to participate in our democracy. I became most interested in politics during 7th and 8th grade when the 2016 election began, because this was the first election where I was old enough to understand many of the complex issues being discussed.

However, the tipping point for me was when Donald Trump won the 2016 election. I knew that we as country were better than the divisive and demeaning nature of his rhetoric. At that moment, I realized that my future was in politics, and that I needed to do everything I possibly could to fight for that better country we deserved.

So, I got to work. I protested, lobbied, volunteered, phone banked, knocked on doors, and raised my voice to people in positions of authority and power not working in the best interest of working people. I sought and ran for leadership positions within my school and community and got the opportunity to serve as Student Council President and Class President. I also served as Youth Representative at my church and Senior Patrol Leader of my Boy Scout troop. As well as many other roles, such as currently being the President of Towers Hall. The largest hall on campus at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire.

Now, I'm running for Eau Claire County Board to fight every day for the people of District 18. I hope that my story can demonstrate my passion for our government, and my passion and desire to serve, and deliver results for you. I hope to earn your vote, support, and your efforts in this fight.