My Record

"ACtions speak louder than words, but inaction speaks louder than anything" - Matthew lehner

Leadership should be about getting things done for the people that are served and creating a positive impact. My record as a leader and activist clearly demonstrates this. I made promises, I kept them. We created a positive change and made the organizations I have served better than where we started. This record shows that I can lead effectively for all of us, as your District 18 County Supervisor.


AS A morning stocker/Bailer with Menards

October 2021- Present

AS a package handler FOR THE SUNRISE SHIFT AT ups

August 2021- October 2021

Even though my time at UPS was short, I gained many valuable skills and applied many important skills to do my job. Including being fast on my feet, making quick decisions, and organizing and sorting a large amount of goods. This job also required me to wake up at 2:25 in the morning, where I was also additionally at school. I was able to achieve 120 packages an hour and was loading 4 trucks.

as a cashier/retail clerk with pick n' save

March 2021 -Present


Proud to have been hired as a retail clerk at the Sussex branch of Pick n’ Save in March 2021. I worked primarily on the front end as a cashier, and occasionally bagging groceries. I believe in fast, friendly, and helpful service for all customers that come through my lane, and I strived to achieve that.

as an intern with tom palzewicz for congress

June -November 2020

In June 2020, I was proud to be hired as a campaign intern for the Tom Palzewicz Campaign for Congress. After being a previous and current volunteer for his 2020 and 2018 campaign's. I had previously invited him to my school with my AP Government and Politics class. Although my primary responsibilities were events and outreach, I carried out various other duties within the campaign. Some of my responsibilities as an intern included:

- Processing and organizing event requests

- Coordinating and gathering contact information for other down ballot candidates

- Gathering and seeking contact information for potential endorsements

- Reaching out to various organizations on behalf of the campaign asking if the candidate could speak at any events being conducted

- Promoting and organizing the campaign's weekly town hall on StreamYard.

- Promoting the campaigns platform and policies on personal social media accounts

- Designing graphics for house parties, events, and town halls


as president of the Towers hall council

Proud to have been elected President of the Towers Hall Council. Towers Hall is the largest hall on campus, comprising of Towers North and South, with over 1,300 students.

as student council president at hamilton high school

June 2020- June 2021

I was proud to be elected Student Council President. Although this last school year, marked by the Pandemic, presented unique and never before seen challenges, Student Council under my leadership accomplished a great deal to include:

Beginning work on renovating and beautifying our courtyards. Which had been for a long time neglected and unused

Sponsored a mental health awareness multi week initiative to increase awareness around this important topic

Sponsored an extremely successful Random Acts of Kindness week which increased school participation and spirit.

My duties, according to the Student Council Constitution were as follows:

- Plan and prepare the agenda and meeting with the Advisor and Vice President

- Maintain Council Remind and email accounts and send messages when necessary

- Run the meeting using a method of parliamentary procedure agreed upon by the Executive board

- Delegate Mini-council responsibilities in conjunction with the vice president

- Receive and review reports from Mini-council chairs and class officers

- Keep in close contact with other clubs and activities

- Is responsible for representing the Student Council both in print and in person at school- or community-related functions or where the Student Council is needed

- Make recommendations for the appointment of offices in the event that a position becomes vacant or if the president feels there is a need for a new position

as the youth representative on the st. james pastoral council

2018-2019 (appointed)

2019-2020 (reappointed)

2020-2021 (reappointed)

I was appointed as the Youth Representative on the Parish Council in September 2018. This position had been vacant for many years. As Youth Representative, I have brought the long-underrepresented views of the youth of my Parish, back in full circle for the rest of the council. I made sure that once again, that the youth of the parish, once again had a relatable person to bring their issues to. I was also nominated for Vice-Chair of the Council by a fellow member. I also held the title of Liaison to the Prayer and Worship Committee.

as president of the hamilton high school class of 2021


We communicated frequently with class members about what was going on in the Class of 2021. We created a class remind, conducted personal advisement outreach. Most recently, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, The class was kept in the loop about what was happening at all times with Prom postponement and how the situation unfolded. This was done through a series of letters, and video updates and check ins.


This prom committee was open to all students. Regardless of whether they were in Student Council or not. We met once a month and were vital to plan Prom. Such as narrowing down student submitted prom themes to the top 3 themes, which were eventually put to the rest of the Class of 2021 to vote on. Even though the event has been postponed till December 2020.


The Class of 2021 was always represented well at Student Council meetings. I or the Class of 2021 Vice-President always gave an accurate and detailed report to Student Council about what the Class of 2021 was doing. The class report that was given to Student Council was always sent over the class Remind for all Class of 2021 members to see. A summary of the topics covered at the Student Council meeting was always sent out as well.


The Class of 2021 created a class remind where all members could join to get frequent and instant updates about what was going on. This communication tool proved vital to the success of the Class during the 2019-2020 school year. Especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


As the Class of 2021 President, I always made it a top priority of mine, to include the people of the Class of 2021 in making important decisions. I created a survey at the beginning of the year asking for what they wanted to see happen this year. I let the Class of 2021 vote on the final Prom theme for 2020 and implemented their decision. Most recently, I created another survey that also asked for feedback, and also included a question about job approval of the Class of 2021 officers, and the Class Vice-President and I received a 95% job approval mark.


Leaders must look to the future, and this is exactly what I did as Class President, especially relating to fiscal responsibility and use of our money. We did not spend our money on one event or occasion. Rather, we ensured that money would be left to have an amazing Senior Ball, and enough money to possibly pass down to the next class that enters Hamilton. Fiscal responsibility also means being transparent with your funds. I made sure to frequently update the class on our financial status, as well as how much we were spending.


After the rapid cancellation and consolidation of activities due to the growing severity of the COVID-19 Pandemic, I held a virtual town hall over YouTube livestream, to make sure that if class members had any questions about the future of the class and our events, that they would be answered. I will carry this same spirit as Student Council President.

Duties of the Class President are as follows according to the Student Council Constitution:

Attend Student Council meetings and report concerns and events

- Serve as a spokesperson for their class

- Organize and oversee fundraising activities for the class with assistance from the Class Advisor

To include:

- meeting with the Class Advisor to discuss and plan fundraising dates

- submitting necessary paperwork in a timely manner

- ensuring that any necessary materials are gathered/ordered in a timely manner either by the President, Vice President or with the assistance of the Class Advisor

- distribution of materials at beginning of sale in a timely manner to grade level advisements with all necessary information

- submitting announcements to the advisor for approval in a timely manner about activities

- assistance with distribution of products or materials at the end of the sale either by the President, Vice President, or by obtaining additional student help


Work with Advisor to:

- Determine a theme

- Decide on decorations

- Determine the menu

- Design Tickets and posters, obtain necessary approvals

- Other necessary requirements to include numbering tickets, hanging posters, etc...

- Distribute pertinent information and materials to Junior Advisements

- Including emergency cards

- Recruit and arrange for students to sell tickets during lunch periods

as the senior patrol leader of scouts bsa troop 175

2017-2018 (elected troop wide)

Under my leadership as Senior Patrol Leader, my troop made significant progress into becoming a better unit. Here are some things I got done:

- Redid meeting setup, to make the space more professional and organized

- Held pop up town hall's where scouts could ask questions and hold the leadership accountable

- Brought new energy, passion and positivity to the position

- Led one of the most successful recruiting efforts in Troop history. Through recruitment days and a successful showing at Webelos Jamboree, which is the largest recruitment event in the Council, we recruited 15 new scouts, when 0 had joined the previous year. Even though recruitment trends were down that year.

as a patrol leader in scouts bsa troop 175

2016-2017 (appointed to fill vacancy, later reinstated with unanimous consent from patrol)

I was appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader at the time to fill a vacancy that had been created. I was then later reinstated with unanimous consent from the patrol. Upon assuming office, I took a new approach to leadership, created a patrol flag, and reshuffled other minor positions within the Patrol. Because of my leadership, I was appointed to lead outings. Even though I was just 14 at the time. I was also selected to go to the National Youth Leadership Training weeklong course.

as a chaplains aid in scouts bsa troop 175

2014-2016 (appointed)

At just 12 years old, I was appointed to serve by the Senior Patrol Leader as the Chaplains Aid for my troop. I was responsible for saying the prayers at meetings, graces, as well as at campouts. In this position, I always prioritized being aware and accommodating to other faiths that scouts had (like saying "Dear God" instead of "Jesus"). I also held reflection periods during campouts, which many scouts appreciated.

as chief of the wag-o-shag lodge arctic foxes chapter, order of the arrow

2018-2019 (elected)

In August of 2018, I was elected to serve as the Chapter Chief for the Arctic Foxes Chapter, after serving as Acting Chief for 6 months. Under my leadership, I brought the chapter back on track. I created a mailing list of the 200 something members of my Chapter and gave updates about our progress towards the Chapter’s goals. I also attended nearly every Lodge Executive Committee meeting, to give a detailed report about what was going on in the Chapter. I increased discussions about adopting a highway and held the first chapter event in nearly 3 years.

as vice chief of the wag-o-shag lodge arctic foxes chapter, order of the arrow

2017-2018 (elected)

Even though I was a new member of the Order of The Arrow, I was elected as Chapter Vice-Chief in August of 2017. Halfway through my term, The Chief became absent from everything, and did not respond to any reach-out. I then became acting Chief. Although not much was accomplished, I held the Chapter together organizationally until my term ended.

as Community service vice-chair of Hamilton Deca

2018-2019 (appointed)

As community service Vice-Chair, I primarily assisted with the Chapters goals for the year. Including community service events, running meetings, as well as helping to oversee a massive effort to recruit new members, which yielded impressive results for the Chapter.

as chairperson and founder of the woodside ELEMENTARY upstanders united

April-June 2014 (Founder & Chairperson)

After my own experience being bullied. I wanted to make my elementary school aware of the problem that millions across America face every day. So, with help from the school guidance counselor, I created the Woodside Upstanders United, which raised awareness about bullying, and campaigned anti-bullying messages. We hung up posters, held meetings during lunch, and made the school aware of the problems and trouble that bullying caused.

Maintained membership within the following organizations

Member of Student Council (both TMS and HHS)

2014-2015 (elected)

2015-2016 (reappointed)

2016-2017 (reappointed)

2017-2018 (joined without appointment)

2018-2019 (joined without appointment)

2019-2020 (joined without appointment)

2020-2021 (joined without appointment)

National Honor Society Member

2019-2021 (applied, then appointed)

Principal Advisory Council Member

2019-2021 (joined)

Member of Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra playing the violin:

String Orchestra West-> 2015-2016 (auditioned) Served as a Co-Principle 2nd violinist

Sinfonia-> 2016-2018 (auditioned) 1st violinist

Philharmonia-> 2018-2019 (auditioned) 1st violinist

Metropolitan-> 2019-2021 (auditioned) 2nd violinist, 1st violinist

Member of Forensics

2017-2018 (joined)

2019-2020 (joined)

2020-2021 (joined)

Member of Jazz Band (both TMS and HHS)

2014-2017-> At TMS (joined)

2017-2021-> At HHS (joined)


Hamilton School Board Recognition, DECA, May 2019

Gold Metal in Speech, WASC, April 2019

Freshmen Letter, HHS Forensics, April 2018

Gold Metal in Speech, WASC April 2018

Hamilton School Board Recognition, TMS Student Council, May 2017

Gold Metal in Speech, WASC, April 2017

Hamilton School Board Recognition, Geographic Bee, April 2017

Templeton Middle School Geographic Bee Champion, National Geographic Bee, January 2017

Ted Kanavas Memorial Scholarship Recipient, May 2021


Hamilton High School, Sussex— HS Diploma

September 2017- June 2021

Common Core-AP European History, AP Government and Comparative Politics, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, AP Macroeconomics, AP U.S History

University Of Wisconsin Eau Claire, Eau Claire— BS In Political Science with a minor in International Business

September 2021- 2025